Bound & Fucked During Brutal Teen Casting

Sometimes you knock a home-run out of the park on your first at bat in the majors, and that’s just what this little cum bucket does on the casting couch during her first brutal teen audition. They grow them real nice in Tulsa, where this honey is from, and there’s more than a slight resemblance to Kourtney Kardashian going on with her. HOT! With that slamming body and positive attitude, you just know this babe will be going places, but her first stop is on the end of Sir Bruno’s big ol’ tube steak.

While this could very well be her first time filming a sex scene, you sure as hell wouldn’t know it by the way she handles the rough sex and BDSM sex slave training. She must be the kinky one back home because Bruno makes her have an orgasm pretty quickly when he finger fucks her. She seems to enjoy her first brutal teen casting audition as well as the rope bondage too, and she gives him the dirtiest first time deep throat blowjob we’ve ever seen. Good girl! This sexy little teen slut takes the cum blast on her face like an old pro, and the thick jizz frosts the tip of her nose perfectly. Great job!

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