Cool Chick Submits To Brutal Teen Casting

Harlow Harrison shows in her teen porn audition that she is one cool sexy chick, adorned with lots of tats. However, she has no idea this will be a brutal teen casting call. She really just wants to be able to quit her regular job so she can take high paying modeling gigs with Teen Castings! She’ll do anything to get what she wants – which is quite evident in her teen porn audition. She has no clue what it will take to make it through this brutal teen casting call. She’ll have to endure plenty of hardcore BDSM, domination, brutal rope bondage, extreme deepthroating blowjob, fingering, squirting, painful spanking, slapping and rough sex.

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Bound & Fucked During Brutal Teen Casting

Sometimes you knock a home-run out of the park on your first at bat in the majors, and that’s just what this little cum bucket does on the casting couch during her first brutal teen audition. They grow them real nice in Tulsa, where this honey is from, and there’s more than a slight resemblance to Kourtney Kardashian going on with her. HOT! With that slamming body and positive attitude, you just know this babe will be going places, but her first stop is on the end of Sir Bruno’s big ol’ tube steak.

While this could very well be her first time filming a sex scene, you sure as hell wouldn’t know it by the way she handles the rough sex and BDSM sex slave training. She must be the kinky one back home because Bruno makes her have an orgasm pretty quickly when he finger fucks her. She seems to enjoy her first brutal teen casting audition as well as the rope bondage too, and she gives him the dirtiest first time deep throat blowjob we’ve ever seen. Good girl! This sexy little teen slut takes the cum blast on her face like an old pro, and the thick jizz frosts the tip of her nose perfectly. Great job!

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Fat Teen Ass Brutally Fucked on the Casting Couch

Sick of working for America’s crummiest two-for-one pizza delivery chain, this sweet, teen wannabe sets her sights on a modeling career and a life of fame and fortune. This pretty little teen slut wants it bad and plans on using her good looks and tight body to get it… just like every other lazy cum bucket who eventually ends up on the receiving end of the brutal teen casting couch with big cocks in their mouths and a Walmart Rewards Card in their swap meet Louis handbags. Why? Because the little cunts don’t want to work for it! Take this future cock hound for example. While she is verrrry cute and nicely put together, she’s reluctant to show the master her bare assets. That’s okay, once her hands are tightly bound with rope and she is down on her knees deep throating his hard cock, she will quickly understand how things really work. After the sloppiest blowjob ever and some BDSM domination, spanks and slaps, her real humiliation begins. Railed, plowed and pounded in doggie, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and the other hardcore fuck positions, her brutal teen casting ends with her taking the cum on her chin like the extreme teen sex slave she truly is. Model? Ha!

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Brutal Rough Teen Sex on the Casting Couch

Here is something you don’t see every day. Get full access to all of the brutal teen casting videos and you get to enjoy a beautiful teen girl who is meant for the camera. She is ready to become the supermodel of her dreams! She sent her audition video to the best talent agency, and to her surprise, she gets a call back. She is the type who is willing to do anything to get what she wants. Her hopeful new agent wants to take a few photos of her in her underwear.

When he tries to get her naked, promising it will help her become famous, she grabs her clothes and makes a dash for the door. So he makes it crystal clear: If she doesn’t do what he says, she won’t become a model. Now, to even be considered, she must submit to the brutal teen casting as well as endure his love for BDSM, domination, rope bondage, deep throat blow job, pussy fingering til she squirts, spanking, slapping and rough sex. She leaves with a load of cock cream all over her pretty face, but has to wait for another interview.

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Brutal Teen Casting Slap, Fuck, Cum

They should rename Orlando “Whorelando” because there are so many filthy sluts that hail from there it’s unbelievable, but not this cute little teen wannabe model. She’s no slut. She’s a good girl who wants to be famous through hard work and pure determination… not by giving blowjobs to strange men. Riiiight! Wait until you see her in her brutal teen casting being shown the REAL path to fame. This entitled bitch thinks the world owes her a modeling career because she’s so fucking pretty. Bullshit! All the world owes her is a fat cock to deep throat, and when you get access to her video you will see that’s what she gets when she hesitates to take off her clothes for some file photos. She quickly finds herself with her hands tied with rope and her face slapped, she is held by her hair as the master brutally fucks her mouth. This is brutal humiliation she has never experienced before, but this is how all teen models get famous. The talent agent asks her, “Do you want to be a model?” She says, “Yes!” Then the agent says, “Then model your tongue around my cock, you dumb cunt!” A hardcore four finger pussy penetration teaches this teen bitch another valuable lesson – that per tight pussy squirts when she orgasms – when properly dominated of course! Lots of rough fucking makes this whorelano cunt cum several times, and a big load of hot jizz in her mouth ends the audition with an oral creampie. This is her first rough sex scene, and I’ll bet that if she survives the brutal teen casting her career will be off to a fantastic start!

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